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Sharma Travels offers customers in Bangalore with the most safe, reliable and affordable transport services. Our aim is to ensure that every journey that you undertake with Sharma Travels is a pleasant, luxurious, comfortable and hassle-free. Our offerings of various Pakage Tours and Passenger Transport and Cargo facilities are just a reflection of our commitment.

Sharma Travels is committed in providing:

  • Passenger Travel Services
  • Cargo Services
  • Employee Transport Services
  • Package Tours

Sharma Travels thus connects our diverse partners and customers through integrated services and solutions.

Passenger Travel Services

Looking for the convenient, highly reliable and the most luxurious passenger travel service from Bangalore to other cities in South India?

Look no further, Sharma Transports’ Passenger Travel Services offers the most exemplary luxury bus services across cities in South India. They make journey’s that are not only smoother but that are highly comfortable and convenient for travelers.

Tarvel in Comfort and Safety- Sharma Travels provides state-of-the-art transport facilities to the travelers. Their bus services link Bangalore to various cities including Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Goa, Pondicherry, Ernakulam etc on a daily basis.

Cargo Services

Sharma Transports is a transport company offering Cargo Services, having the most extensive network across South India. We at Sharma understand that every cargo assignment is different. We therefore have a wide range of cargo services of everyone to accommodate everyone. A Sharma Cargo service is an excellent logistics efficient company that ensures the delivery of your goods securely and within the stipulated time-frame.

Sharma Transports are a specialist of safe and secure movement of most permissible products ranging from food, flowers, seedlings, mail, courier packages, machinery parts, household items and other related materials. We firmly believe that we hold the accountability of our client’s reputation with each assignment and hence take on each assignment with the seriousness it requires.

Sharma Transport has a solid reputation in the field of cargo services from Bangalore to the other cities of India for many years. We operate through a highly convenient smart delivery model (SDM) that defines, directs and delivers surface transport solutions effectively. The Smart Delivery Model adopted by us is based on the principle of offering express services with measures to minimize risks utilizing the best talent, all with the industry standard pricing.

Employee Commutation Services

Sharma Transports offers employee commutation services to various organization. When an organization entrusts us with the commutation of its employees, we make sure that their employees are safe, comfortable and arrive at their offices/ workplaces on time.

Sharma Travels’s management ensures that the best fleets are assigned for undertaking this job and that the crews are excellently trained to offer their services adhering to the highest corporate standards.